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anney bolgiano

"Early on in the crisis, I picked up Marcus Aurelius and for the first time in my life read his Meditations not as an academic exercise, nor in the pursuit of pleasure, but with the same attitude I bring to the instructions for a flat-pack table – I was in need of practical assistance."
   -Zadie Smith, Intimations

Source for collage images:
Various Flat-Pack Table Assembly Instructions, Inter-IKEA Systems B.V.

Sources for pulled text:
Aurelius, Marcus. Meditations. Translated by Martin Hammond, Penguin Books Ltd, 2014.

Aurelius, Marcus. Meditations: A New Translation, with an Introduction, by Gregory Hays. Translated by Gregory Hays, Modern Library, 2002.

Aurelius, Marcus. Meditations. Translated by George Long, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017."

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