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Hannah Rego is a writer + midnight collagist from Louisville, Kentucky. They have attended residencies + workshops through Spalding University's Low-Res MFA, Sundress Academy for the Arts, Winter Tangerine + the June Jordan Teaching Corp at Columbia University. Their poetry appears or is forthcoming in BOAAT, BOMB Magazine, The Arkansas International, FIVE:2:ONE, Underblong + elsewhere. They live in Brooklyn + on twitter @hannahkalena.

Benjamin Stillerman is a 2018 UnionDocs fellow + a PhD candidate at New York University. He co-produced the short film “The Mole” for the Visible Poetry Project. His poetry has appeared in Virga Magazine and is forthcoming in Salamander Magazine. He lives in Queens.

Colleen Linehan is a writer, visual artist, + bedroom dancer. She is from Louisville, Kentucky + currently lives in Brooklyn.