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Hannah Rego is a writer + midnight collagist from Louisville, Kentucky. They have attended residencies + workshops through Spalding University's Low-Res MFA, Sundress Academy for the Arts, Winter Tangerine + the June Jordan Teaching Corp at Columbia University. Their poetry appears or is forthcoming in BOAAT, BOMB Magazine, The Arkansas International, FIVE:2:ONE, Underblong + elsewhere. They live in Brooklyn + on twitter @hannahkalena.

Benjamin Stillerman is a 2019 UnionDocs fellow + a PhD candidate at New York University. He has directed, produced, and edited films for the Visible Poetry Project. His poetry has appeared in Virga Magazine, Salamander Magazine, + GASHER Journal. He lives in Queens.

Colleen Linehan is a writer, visual artist, + bedroom dancer. She is from Louisville, Kentucky + currently lives in Brooklyn.